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Flower StrainTypeCrossDescription
Eighth $25, Quarter $40, Half OZ $80, Ounce $160
LA Kush CakeIndicaLA Cake x Kush MintsSmells like vanilla and has an earthy peppermint taste. Helps with winding down at the end of the night!
Lemon GMOIndicaLemon OG x GMO CookiesProvides a sweet and earthy flavor combined with a hint the Citrus. Great to unwind and stay creative!
Grape PieHybridGrape Tangie x Cherry PieRich fruit berry pie flavors. Helps w/ pain, anxiety, stress and inflammation.
Lemon CrushHybridSkunk #1 x Northern LightsCitrus and sweet with a skunky tangy flare.  Helps with epression, lack of appetite, and mild to moderate pains due to injury or illness.
White Walker HybridWhite Widow x SkywalkerSkunky, orange and slightly sweet.  Uplifts mood, relieves stress and can stimulate appetite.
ChocolopeSativaChocolate Thai x Cantelope HazeFeeling uplifted, energetic, euphoric, and creative. Flavor profile of chocolate & cantaloupe. 
Grape TangieSativaTangie x Unkn. Purple StrainHints of sweet grapes and spicy berries. Helps with chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, chronic stress, and pain.
TrainwreckSativa Golden Lemons x Frosted Lemonade Citrus with gas fuel smell. Strong sedative yet uplifting and creative high.



1g $10, Eighth $35, Quarter $60, Half OZ $100, Ounce $200
Banana PunchHybridBanana OG x Purple PunchHazey berries with notes of freshly cut pineapple and bananas. May help relieve symptoms associated with anxiety, appetite loss and stress.
Blissful WizardIndicaCaptains Cookies x GSCDecadent fusion of lemon, lime, and cream flavor. Helps eliminate stubborn aches, pains, nausea, and appetite loss.
Chem CookiesIndicaChemdog #4 x GSCRich fuel flavors with notes of coffee and sweet plums. Provides a euphoric high that will send your entire body into relaxation mode.
GMO (aka Garlic Cookies)IndicaChemdog x GSCSharp diesel taste with an earthy aroma. Helps with pain, nausea, and depression. Heavy hitter!
Gummy BunsIndicaGrease Monkey x BiscottiFruity gummy candy flavor with hints of fresh cinnamon buns and spicy earth. Calming yet energizing effects hitting the mind and body.
Hash BerryIndicaCalifornia Indica x KashmirMix of berries and hash with a spicy minty aftertaste. May help with chronic pain, depression, insomnia and stress. 
LA Pop RocksIndicaTKBx2 x Z AnimalFlavors of apple, mint with a nutty undertone. Helps relieve symptoms associated with chronic headaches, anxiety, and depression.
Notorious THCIndicaGhost of Bon x Caramel Cream x FrostAroma and flavor profile of chestnut, skunk, and pine. Helps with symptoms associated with pain, anxiety, and depression.
Presidential RuntzIndicaBubble Gum x OG KushCitrus, fruity, pine and with a hint of sour. Helps with insomnia, chronic stress or anxiety, chronic pain.
Pure MichiganIndicaOreoz x Mendo BreathAroma and flavor profile of tree fruit and lime. May help with symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and gastrointestinal disorder.
Purple PunchIndicaMendo Breath x Purple PunchPungent, tangy and earthy smelling strain that tastes like sweet berries. Helps with insomnia, relaxation and stress. 
Rude BoiIndicaIrene OG x Face Off OFlavors and aroma of pine, sage and a bit of nutiness.  Provide relaxing effects that envelope both mind and body.
Waffle ConeIndicaJet Fuel Gelato x DosilatoThis strain has a creamy sugar flavor and sweet aroma. Helps with symptoms associated with chronic pain and stress. 
Willy's WonderIndicaLandrace Afghanistan IndicasA mix of tropical fruit and citrus that also comes through in its sweet and sour taste. May help in alleviating insomnia, inflammation, depression and PTSD. 
French KiszHybridFrench Cookies x ZkittlesSmell similar to sweet pastries, fruit sweeties, vanilla with a nutty aftertaste. Cheerful and slightly fuzzy with an strong body relaxation.
Gary PaytonHybridThe Y x SnowmanTastes of pepper, apricot and lavender. Helps with mood, relaxation and pain relief.
Gorilla Glue aka GG4HybridChem's Sister Sour Dubb, x Choc. DieselDiesel with notes of sweet and earthiness. Helps with pain, depression and insomnia.
Greasy RuntzHybridZkittles x Gelato 33Earthy and fruity taste and aroma.  Helps you feel relaxed, happy and creative. 
Larry BirdHybridSunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout CookiesSweet aroma of grape and tang.  Effects are uplifting and heady, making it an ideal strain for mid-day use.
Lip SmackerHybridSherb x Strawberries & CreamSweet, herbal, and fruity, with slight piney undertones. Helps with overall mood, pain and stress. 
Loud Mouth GrapeHybridMaine Bred GeneticGrape forward with an earthy aftertaste. Helps with energy, mood, stress and pain relief. 
Orange DaiquiriHybridOrange Cookies x Grape PieSweet citrus aroma with added pine and diesel flavors. A potent strain with a powerful high that comes on strong with deep body relaxation.
Peanut Butter CupHybridMendo Breath x Do-Si-DosPeanut and earthy terpene profile when smoked. Helps with relaxation, stress, insomnia and body aches. 
Rainbow NightsHybridZkittlez x white NightmareAroma is a gassy and fruity combination with notes of grapefruit and berry. Helps with depression, mood and focus. 
Sun CakeHybridSunset Sherbert x Wedding CakeHas a pungent, earthy, & sweet flavor profile. Treating conditions like stress, chronic pain, depression, and lack of appetite.
White WidowHybridBrazillan x South IndianSweet sugary smoke with a Citrus and peppery taste. Helps with depression, stress, pain, and PTSD.
Acapulco GoldSativaLand RaceHelps with stress/anxiety. Increases creativity and energy. Toffee, citrus and herbal. 
Blue DreamSativaBlueberry x HazeSweet berry aroma and taste. Helps with nausea, pain and depression without heavy sedative effects.
Frost BiteSativaAfghan Kush x Deep PurpleSpicy tea notes and piney flavors. This strain will lift your spirits and have you happily stoned and motivated.
Golden GoatSativaHawaiian-Romulan x Island Sweet SkunkSweet, sour, and spicy, with a tropical fruit flavor. Full body  effects with euphoric and creative spark. 
Grapefruit Sour DieselSativaGrapefruit x NYC DieselA potent smell of over ripe citrus fruit. An energetic buzz comes on fast but tends to smooth out over time.
Green GoblinSativaNorthern Lights x Skunk #1Hints of that diesel fuel, and the buds will be a forest green with rusty orange hairs. The head buzz is coupled with relaxing body effects.
Moose & LobstaSativa Kali Snapple x Orange HuckleberrySkunky tropical diesel flavor and aroma with hints of tangy bright citrus. Helps with aniexty, mood and increases energy. 
Sour Patch PunchSativaPurple Punch x Sour Patch KissMix of sweet and sour with a hint of gas.  Strain brings elaxation and enhances creativity without affecting mental clarity. 
Strawberry CoughSativaHaze x Strawberry FieldsSkunky, berry flavors will capture your senses while the cerebral, uplifting effects provide an aura of euphoria that is sure to leave a smile on your face.
Strawberry GarySativaGary Payton x Red PopReminiscent of a cola with citrus touches and a lot of gas. Euphoric and uplifting smoke for the day!

1g $15, Eighth $40, Quarter $80, Half OZ $150, Ounce $300
Apple & Banana CookiesHybridPlatinum Cookies x Granddaddy PurpleNotes of apples, bananas, cherries, berries, and citrus in its scent. Anti-inflammatory, sleep-supporting, mood-enhancing and stress-relieving effects.
Gold Cash GoldHybridOreoz x Pure MichiganPine and gas aroma with an earthy finish. Helps with relaxation, pain management, improved mood and inflammation.
MACHybridAlien Cookies x Columbian x Star FighterZesty w/ floral accents and a sweet, earthy finish. Helps with insomnia, nausea, stress, depression, and pain.
Super Boof HybridBlack Cherry Punch x Tropicana CookiesWith its strong lemon and orange flavor, this strain provides a clear and functional high that stimulates creativity and sociability.
Hippie ChickenSativaBlueberry x Alaskan Thunder FuckFruity and peppery taste with a nutty aroma. Giggly, energetic effects which are accented only slightly by the tingly, relaxing effects.
Lemon IceSativaLemone Haze x AfghaniA spicy, citrus-forward aroma and lemon taste. Uplifting effects that help with energy and overall focus. 



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