Looking to buy cannabis bud in Fryeburg, ME? The Great Atlantic Puffin Company carries a wide variety of strains to meet the differing needs of our clients. Our smoking products are locally grown and will give you the results you're looking for. Medical marijuana has been known to alleviate anxiety, help with joint pain, aid in sleep, improve mood, and offer other benefits that have helped patients live happier and healthier lives. Whatever your needs may be, stop in for a visit and browse our inventory of cannabis flower products.

We're located at 235 Bridgton Road in Fryeburg, ME. We'll be glad to help you gain a fuller understanding about each of our products.

Find your new favorite strain

Find your new favorite strain

We provide a wide variety of cannabis flower strains that range in taste, texture and the effects they deliver.

When you're looking to buy cannabis bud, look no further than The Great Atlantic Puffin Company. Call 207-935-5444 today to speak with a helpful member of our staff.

Flower StrainTypeCrossDescription
1g   $15, Eighth $40, Quarter $80, Half OZ $150, Ounce $300
I95Sativa DominantTriangle Kush x Legend OG x StardawgDiesel fuel and sour funk smell and taste. Helps with mood, productivity and anxiety/depression.
DolatoIndica DominantPie Dough x GelatoCalming and relaxing without worrying about heavy sedation. Earthy, spicy and sweet.
FatsoHybridGMO Cookies x Legends OGAroma of pure gasoline, coffee, and garlic.Relieves stress, insomnia and improves mood.
Mandarin CookiesSativa DominantCut Cookies x Mandarin SunsestFlavors of sweet citrus and diesel. Increases energy, mood and provides euphoric lightheaded feeling. 
Pineapple SorbetSativa DominantPineapple Thai x In The Pines x Z KittlesHelps with relaxation. Good for day and night. Tastes of diesel and pineapple and hint lavender smell.
Ponyboy CurtisSativa DominantUnknownSweet taste with a gassy piney after note. Helps with bodily pains, joint discomfort, anxiety and stress.
Strawberry Banana SherbertIndica DominantStrawberry Banana x Banana SherbertSweettart berries with creamy banana. Helps with chronic fatigue, depression, stress or anxiety and insomnia.
Wedding CakeIndica DominantTriangle MintsUplifting, relaxing and euphoric effects. Rich, tangy, earthy and peppery flavors.
1g   $15, Eighth $40, Quarter $70, Half OZ $120, Ounce $240
Lemon GarlicHybridChem Dog x Lemon ThaiGarlicy, lemon and diesel taste. Helps with pain, stress, inflammation and improved mood.
Taffie HybridTangie x LA AffieHelps with pain, depression, appetite and stress. Citrus, earthy and spicy.
The LimeSativa DominantOriginal Lemonade x Cactus CoolerHeavy-handed high  that still allows you to be active and productive. Flavors of citrus and pine. 
1g   $10, Eighth $35, Quarter $60, Half OZ $100, Ounce $200
Animal CookiesIndica DominantGirl Scout Cookies X Fire OGClassic sweet, nutty cookie flavor with a light spice. Provides euphoria and helps with insomnia, stress and pain.
Blue DreamSativa DominantBlueberry x HazeSweet berry aroma. Helps with nausea, pain and depression without heavy sedative effects.
Critical KushIndicaCritical Mass x OG KushAromatic Notes of earthiness, citrus and spice. Helps with relaxation, pain management and insomnia. 
Garlic Z IndicaGMO x OZ Kush     Garlic, sweet and spicy. Helps with pain, stress, inflammation.
GG4Sativa HybridChem's Sister, Sour Dubb, x   Choc. DieselDiesel with notes of sweet and   earthiness. Helps with pain, depression and insomnia
LeeRoyIndicaTriangle Kush x Raredankness #2Helps w/ improved mood, pain, sleep and increased appetite.  Kush forward aroma w/ citrus taste.
London Pound CakeIndica DominantSunset Sherbert x UnknownHints of berry, lemon, and pine. Cerebral effects that help relax users and improve moods.
Skywalker KushIndicaOG Kush x SkywalkerEarthy, spicey and pungent fuel aroma & taste. Helps you feel relaxed, sleepy, happy euphoric and hungry. 
Ounces ranging from $80-$160 menu changes weekly -ask for details.