Looking to buy cannabis bud in Fryeburg, ME? The Great Atlantic Puffin Company carries a wide variety of strains to meet the differing needs of our clients. Our smoking products are locally grown and will give you the results you're looking for. Medical marijuana has been known to alleviate anxiety, help with joint pain, aid in sleep, improve mood, and offer other benefits that have helped patients live happier and healthier lives. Whatever your needs may be, stop in for a visit and browse our inventory of cannabis flower products.

We're located at 235 Bridgton Road in Fryeburg, ME. We'll be glad to help you gain a fuller understanding about each of our products.

Find your new favorite strain

Find your new favorite strain

We provide a wide variety of cannabis flower strains that range in taste, texture and the effects they deliver.

When you're looking to buy cannabis bud, look no further than The Great Atlantic Puffin Company. Call 207-935-5444 today to speak with a helpful member of our staff.

Flower Menu


Flower StrainTypeCrossDescription
1g $15, Eighth $40, Quarter $80, Half OZ $150, Ounce $300
DolatoIndicaPie Dough x GelatoCalming a stressed mind and relaxing a tense body without worrying about heavy sedation. Earthy, spicy and sweet.
Purple PunchIndicaLarry OG x Granddaddy PurpGrape candy and blueberry muffins aroma. Helps with nausea, stress, minor body aches and sleeplessness.
Sunday DriverIndicaFPOG x Grape Pie Smooth and creamy taste. Mellow and calming high. Helps w/ stress, anxiety and pain.
Sunset SherbertIndicaGirl Scout Cookies x Pink PantiesSweet fruity honey. Ideal for treating stress, pain, and depression
Cherry PieHybrid
Granddaddy Purp x Durban PoisonSmell of cherry pie with a tart and fruity taste. Helps with depression, insomnia and anxiety.
Lime OGHybrid
Lime Skunk x Triple OGSmell of cherry pie with a tart and fruity taste. Helps with depression, insomnia and anxiety.
Alien Cookies x Colombian x StarfighterZesty w/ floral accents and a sweet, earthy finish. Helps with insomnia, nausea, stress, depression, and pain.
Bahama MamaSativa
Tropicanna Cookies x Black BananaFunky tangerine aroma, Glowing with trichomes with a frosty structure, great for euphoria and creativity.
1g $10, Eighth $35, Quarter $60, Half OZ $100, Ounce $200
LeeRoy (Organic)IndicaTriangle Kush x Raredankness #2Helps w/ improved mood, pain, insomnia and increased appetite.  Kush forward aroma w/ citrus taste.
Northern LightsIndicaThai x AfghaniPungently sweet and spicy smooth flavor. Helps with depression, stress, pain and insomnia.
Pine N PurpIndicaTahoe OG x Grandpas BreathPungent, earthy, lemon taste. Helps with pain, insomnia and stress relief. 
Scooby SnacksIndicaPlatinum GSC x Face Off OGPiney kush flavor with sweet aftertaste. Helps with sleep, relaxation and calmness. 
Basic BitchHybridGirl Next Door Kush x Vanilla Berry PieEarthy and berry aroma with kush funk. Helps with anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
CantaloupeHybridGrease Monkey x Debo Diesel KushSweet mix of robust tropical, melon and floral Flavors. Great for fatigue, relaxation and appetite loss.
GG4 aka Original GlueSativa HybridChem's Sister Sour Dubb, x Choc. DieselDiesel with notes of sweet and earthiness. Helps with pain, depression and insomnia.
Mint Chocolate ChipHybridSinMint Cookies x Green RibbonAroma is sweet, minty, and herbal. Mentally Uplifting while remaining grounded in funcional relaxation
SherbertHybridOG Kush x Cherry Pie x Durban PoisonNotes of skunky citrus, sweet berry and candy. Powerful full-body effects elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy, helps with stress/mood. 
Space StationHybridCantaloupe x Debo Diesel KushEarthy, Berry aroma. Helps w/ pain, insomnia and stress relief.
Bay DreamSativaBlue Dream x Bay 11Pine aroma with sweet lemon. Increases appetite, provides enegy and increases euphoric feelings.
Blue TrilogySativaBlue Diesel x Blue Dream x Blue JackSweet berry aroma. Clear-headed experience. Helps with relaxation, depression and pain.
Haze DawgSativaLicorice Haze x Chem DawgDiesel-like pungent aroma with light berry. Helps with chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia and depression.
Sex on the PeachSativaOrange Cookies x Sour AppleSweet, juicy peach aroma and flavor profile, this magnificent cultivar has strong pain-relieving and relaxing effects
Ounces ranging from $80-$160 menu changes weekly - ask for details.

Outdoor Menu

Flower StrainTypeCrossDescription

Eighth $25, Quarter $40, Half OZ $75, Ounce $150
Blue DieselIndica HybridBlueberry x NYC DieselSmooth light berry aroma. Helps with relaxation, improved mood and pain management.
Flo OGIndica HybridPurple Thai x AfghaniEarthy, citrus and sweet. Improves mood, pain relief and insomnia.
Litre A ColaHybridGG4 x Magnum Opus (Maine bred)Lemon-diesel-like smell. Useful for pain and insomnia.
Purple PunchIndica HybridLarry OG x Granddaddy PurpGrape candy and blueberry muffins aroma. Helps with nausea, stress, minor body aches and sleeplessness.
Purple TrainwreckIndica HybridTrainwreck x Mendocino PurpsAroma of bright citrus, pine, and lavender. Stimulating cerebral experience anchored in full physical relaxation.