Flower   StrainTypeCrossDescriptionPrice
Sugar Wax
Flo   OGIndicaPurple Thai x AfganiEarthy, citrus and sweet.   Improves mood, pain relief and insomnia.$40
Apple FritterHybridSour Apple x Animal CookiesFruity, sweet and earthy aroma. Helps with improved mood, pain, stress, relaxation. $40
Garlic ZIndicaGMO x OZ KushGarlic, sweet and spicy. Helps with pain, stress and inflammation.$40
GojiSativa DominantBodhi x Nepali OG x Snow LotusImproved energy, happiness, helps with depression. Red berry, black cherry, strawberry, Hawaiian punch, and licorice.$40
Lemon TreeHybridLemon Skunk x Sour DieselSour funky, lemon diesel. Helps with inflamation, pain and insomnia. $35
PinaSativa DominantSuper Silver Haze x Dirt x BigbudFruity, earthy, sweet and spicy. Uplifting high that also helps with depression and pain.$40
Purple Punch Indica DominantLarry OG x Granddaddy PurpleGrape candy/blueberry muffins. Helps with nausea, stress, minor body aches and sleeplessness.$40
Bay DreamSativa DominantBlue Dream x Bay 11Pine aroma with sweet lemon taste. Increases appetitie, feelings of euphoria and energy.$60
Chem Dog Live DiamondsIndica DominantSour Diesel x OG KushDiesel-like pungent aroma. Helps with chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia and depression. $60
Critical GlueHybridCritical Mass x GG#4 x Polar BearDiesel, lemon and skunk aroma. Increases energy, helps with stess and improves mood.$60
Ice Cream Cake Live DiamondsIndica DominantWedding Cake x Gelato #33Creamy flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough. Helps with insomnia, pain and relaxation.$60
Orange   Creme Special SauceIndica DominantOrange Crush x Ice CreamSmooth citrus flavor. Helps   treat appetite loss, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and headaches.$50
Sour Lemon Tree Live DiamondsHybridLemon Skunk x Sour Diesel
Sour funky, lemon diesel. Helps with inflamation, pain and insomnia. 


Shatters & Others

*$30 per shatter gram or 2 for $50*

Europa Shatter - Hybrid
GMO Shatter - Indica Dominant
Mango Chutney Shatter - Sativa Dominant
Northern Lights Shatter - Indica Dominant
Ponyboy Curtis Shatter - Hybrid
Sour Blueberry Shatter - Hybrid

Tinctures & Oils

RSO "Rick Simpson Oil" Full Spectrum Oil...1mL $40
THC Tincture (300mg) ...30mL $40
THC Tincture (600mg) ...30mL $70
THCa Infusion 500mg Chem Dog (Chemdawg) Live...$99
1:1 Tincture (350mgTHC/350mgCBD/80mgCBC)...30mL $50
1:1 Tincture (750mgTHC/750mgCBD/163mgCBC)...30mL $100


All Kind 300mg THC Salve...$40
All Kid Lip Balm...$15
Pot N Pan 300mg THC/300mg CBD Salve...$40


Dry Sift Kief - $20
Classic Black Hash (Temple Balls) - $40
Mega Raw Melts GMO - $100
Mega Raw Melts Lemon Sherbet GMO - $95
Mega Raw Melts Pie Dough - $110