Wax, Crumble, Sauce, Diamonds & Rosin

Flower   StrainTypeCrossDescriptionPrice
Crumbles, Sauces & Sugar Wax
Frozen Jelly Live ResinIndicaJelly Breath x PermafrostHeavy hitter with strong aromatic notes of hops and cinnamon.  Aids in decreasing anxiety, depression and pain/inflammation.$30
Gummiez BadderSativaJet Fuel Gelato x Peach RingsFeatures flavors like coffee, chestnut and peach. Helps with symptoms associated with depression, pain, and stress. $30
Monkey Amnesia Live Badder (SeaWeed Co.)HybridAmnesia x Monkey HazeCitrus, hazy and an earthy aftertaste. May help lift mood and decrease stress and overall anxiety for the next day. $40
Pink Lemonade Clementine CaviarSativaPink Lemonade x ClementineSweet and citrusy with an earthy aroma. This strain will energize and uplift your entire body. $30
Pure MichiganIndicaOreoz x Mendo BreathAroma and flavor profile of tree fruit and lime. May help with symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and stomach issues.$35
Rainbow Gushers CaviarIndicaRuntz x Lemon Cherry Gelato x GushersAroma that combines Skittles fruit sweets with fuel, pine, lemon and skunk. Aids in relaxation, mood enhancer  and stress reliever.$30
White Widow Live Resin Badder (SeaWeed Co.)HybridBrazillian x South IndianSweet sugary smoke with a Citrus and peppery taste. Helps with depression, stress, pain, and PTSD.$25
Blackberry Kush DiamondsIndicaAfghani x BlueberryA hashy flavor profile with a jet fuel taste and aroma balanced out with sweet berries. Often recommended for pain management thanks to its strong body high. $40
Headbanger DiamondsSativaSour Kush x Biker KushUplifting the mood and calming stress and depression. Sour and of both diesel and citrus.$45
Jack Herer Live DiamondsSativaHaze x Northern Lights x Shiva SkunkSpicy pine aroma and potent taste. Blissful, clear headed and creative effects.$60
Motor Goo DiamondsIndicaBlueberry x Hindu KushTastes of sour blueberries. Heavy indica that helps with sleep, relaxation and pain management.$30
Purple Soft Serve IndicaPurple Ice x Ice Cream CakeA citrus and creamy taste with a sweet vanilla aroma. Provides a nice body high & cerebral buzz letting you off gas from stress. $40
Purple Trainwreck Live Diamonds (SeaWeed Co.)IndicaTrainwreck x Mendocino PurpsRich aroma of bright citrus, pine and lavender. Stimulating cerebable high that helps with physical relaxation and anxiety. $40
Tangie Kush Live DiamondsIndicaTangerine Haze x Rare DanknessTropical citrus flavor on the exhale with an herbal aftertaste. Helps with relaxation, pain and insomnia.$40
Black Amber SiftIndicaGMO x OZ Bx2Aroma of an earthy fuel funk. Helps with relaxation, stress, anxiety and chronic pain. $20
Blockberry SiftHybridBlack Cherry Punch x Tropicana CookiesDiesel, pungent, and earthy taste with lemon hit. Helps  w/ improve mood, stress, pain and increases appetite. $30
Dark RainbowHybridGMO x Rainbow Belts F1A lot of funk, with chemical, pepper notes and hints of tropical sweetness. Helps with inflammation, chronic pain and relaxation. $40
GMO LiveIndicaGSC x ChemdawgSharp diesel and earthy aroma. Helps with pain, nausau and depression. Heavy hitter!$40
G Nut Live RosinHybridOG Kush x Gorilla NutsWoody, earthy and nutty aroma. Helps with insomnia, pain and stress management. $40

Leon Phelps Live Hash Rosin

HybridHeadband x OG OriginalCreating a euphoric high that slowly creeps into a state of relaxation. Tropical orange flavors and citrus-heavy, lemon and earth scents.$50
Snow Skunk Live RosinSativaStardawg x Purple ChemPure fuel and skunk with some sweet diesel flavor and sharp skunky undertones. Hits you with uplifting focus and energy.$40
Sour BlockberryHybridBlockberry x Soud DieselDiesel, pungent, and earthy taste with lemon hit. Helps  w/ improve mood, stress, pain and increases appetite. $30



Lower List

Shatters & Others

*$25 per shatter gram*

SeaWeed Co. Shatters:
Cookies & Cream - Hybrid
Gream - Hybrid
Ice Cream Man - Hybrid
Zkittles Breath - Indica


Isolate Grams (98.4% THCA) - $50 

Tinctures & Oils

RSO "Rick Simpson Oil" Full Spectrum Oil...1mL $20
THC Tincture (300mg) ...30mL $40
THC Tincture (600mg) ...30mL $60
THC Tincture (1200mg)...30mL $80
1:1 Tincture (1200mgTHC/1200mgCBD/70mgCBC)...30mL $80
Healer Drops - (600mg)...12mL $70
Healer Drops - (150mg) ...3mL $25
Maine Lab Tablets - Micro Dose (50mg) $10...Low Dose (100mg) $15...Sleep (100mg) $20

Topicals and More

Healer Menthol & Copaiba 560mg 1:1 THC:CBDA Cream ...$45
Pot N Pan...400mg THC...$60..... 1000mg THC...$80




Dry Sift Kief - $20
Blonde Hash - $30
Black Hash Temple Ball - $40