Co2 Solventless HTFSE Vape Cartridges (.5mL)... $40

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract

Cadillac Rainbow (Hybrid) Gassy and fruity with a lemon and diesel flavor.  Effects include relaxed, euphoric, and hunger.

Clementine Cookies (Sativa) Citrus and lemon aroma and taste. Helps with stress, improved mood, inflammation and pain.

Cherry Ghostenade (Indica) Strong skunk, cherry, and citrus notes. Helps with pain, insomnia and inflammation.

Forbidden Fruit (Indica) Truly tantalizing tropical citrus and tart berry flavor. Helps w/ relaxation and stress.

Gushers (Indica) A bust of sweetness finished with spiciness. Great for relaxing your body and mind. 

Ice Cream Cake (Indica) Creamy flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough. Helps with insomnia, relaxation and pain.

LA Chocolate (Hybrid) A sweet, earthy aroma of chocolate and coffee. Soothing physical effects sink through the body also increases appetite.

LA Pop Rocks (Indica) Flavors of apples, nutty candy and finished w/ mint. Relaxation that will soon turn sedative and sleepy.

Modified Grapes (Hybrid) Features flavors like grape, berry and honey. Help with symptoms associated with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Moon Glow (Hybrid) Aromas of citrus, creamy berries and flower. Leaves you lifted and social with a soothing body high. 

Pure Michigan (Indica) Aroma and flavor profile of tree fruit and lime. May help with symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and stomach issues.

Strawberry Cough (Sativa) Skunky, berry flavors will capture your senses while the cerebral, uplifting effects provide an aura of euphoria.

Super Sour Haze (Sativa) A tangy mouthwatering flavor that keeps you alert, energetic and creative all day!

Swaziland Star (Sativa) Sweet taste and aroma. Great day time smoke that helps with mood, energy, and creativeness.

Tangilope (Sativa) A chocolatey, citrus blend that promotes happiness and the giggles along with creativity.

White Truffle MAC (Indica) Savory & earthy flavor accompanied by a mild skunky aroma. Body effects that will also leave you in a relaxing trance. 

1mL CBD The Wife (Hybrid) Fresh Cherries finished w/ woodiness. Helps with nausea, chronic pain & migraines without being pschyoavtive. 

SeaWeed Co. Live Resin Cartridges (.5mL)...$40

Paradise Circus (Hybrid) - Jack Herer (Sativa) - Purple Punch (Indica) - Lilac Diesel (Sativa) - Granny Smith Apples (Hybrid) - Dead Head OG (Sativa) - Strawberry Cough (Sativa) - Blue Dream (Sativa) - Mimosa (Sativa) - Sunset Sherbert (Indica) - Slurricane Mimosa (Sativa) - Parfait Dropper (Sativa)

Cadillac Hash Rosin Cartridges (.5mL)...$60

Chem D (Hybrid) - Sour Dubb (Sativa) - Wedding Pie (Hybrid) - Valley Oranges (Hybrid) - Cherry Soda (Hybrid) - Sour Banana (Sativa) - Motor Breath (Indica) - Slurrimintz (Hybrid) - Blockberry (Sativa)

The Maine Lab Disposable Cartridges (1mL)...$45

LA Pop Rox (Hybrid/Indica) - Miracle Whip (Hybrid) - Haze (Sativa) - Power Plant (Hybrid) - Tropical Blizzard (Indica) - Bruce Banner (Sativa) - Kaleidoscope Eyes (Hybrid) - Orange Tic Tac (Hybrid) - Black Domina (Indica) - Castaway (Sativa) - Grape Ape (Indica) - Super Silver Haze (Sativa) - Orange Double Diesel (Sativa) - Fruit Loops (Indica) - Ghost Train Haze (Sativa) - GG4 (Hybrid) - Strawberry Cough (Sativa) - Forbidden Fruitcake (Indica) - AK47 (Sativa) - Super Lemon Frosting (Sativa) - Pure Michigan (Indica) - Midnight Bliss (Hybrid)

Rugged Roots Disposable Cured Resin Cartridges (1mL)...$45

Peanut Butter Breath (Hybrid) - Kosher Kush (Indica) - Ice Cream Cake (Indica)

Distillate Carts (1mL)...$20

Green Crack - Jack Herer - Blue Dream - Guava Dawg - Blueberry Cobbler - Blue Hawaiian - Skywalker - Super Lemon Haze - Zkittlez

Distillate Carts (.5mL)...$10

Assorted Flavors

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