Some Kitchen Gummies - 100mg


Twin Packs: Green Apple & Grape
Single Packs: Blue Razz, Tropical Punch or Watermelon

Glaze Sour Gummies - 100mg


Watermelon, Blue Razz or Green Apple

Healer Gummies - 100mg


Night Time Blueberry (w/ Melatonin), Uplift Tangerine (w/ caffeine) or Anytime Watermelon

Glaze Gummies - 250mg


Sour Watermelon, Sour Green Apple or Blue Razz

Glaze Hash Rosin Gummies - 250mg


Sour Watermelon, Sour Blue Razz, Blackberry, Blueberry, or Cherry

Some Kitchen Gummies - 500mg


Blueberry, Blue Razz or Fruit Punch

Glaze Gummies - 500mg


Sour Watermelon, Tropical Punch or Sour Green Apple

Mighty Viking Gummies

100mg - $15 or 250mg - $25 or 300mg - $35 or 500mg - $40

Mighty Viking BIG Bombers

1000mg - $65 (Buy 2 for $120) or 1500mg - $85 (Buy 2 for $160)

Some Kitchen Wrapped Caramels - 100mg


Some Kitchen Hard Candy - 100mg

$10 - 5 packs for $40

Blue Razz

Glaze Space Laces (a.k.a Nerd Rope) - 500mg


Grappleberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon Punch or Orange Punch

High Peak Assorted 10 pk Sugar Highs - 100mg


Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Lemon,
Orange, Strawberry and Green Apple

The Hashery - Hash Rosin Fruit Snacks - 100mg


Strawberry Melon, Maine Blueberry, Raspberry Peach or Black Cherry

The Hashery - Hash Rosin Sweeties - 50mg



The Hashery - Hash Rosin Sweeties - 100mg


Orange Citrus or Blackberry

The Hashery Hash Rosin Jewels - 100mg


Blueberry Ginger, Strawmelon or Mango Tango

The Hashery Hash Rosin Jewels - 500mg


Mango Tango or Strawmelon

The Hashery Hash Rosin Jewels - 1000mg


Fruit Punch or Blackberry Lime

Lollipops - 40mg

1 POP 40mg - $4 OR 4 Pops 200mg - $15

Littlefield Confections Caramels - 250mg


Chocolate Covered or Regular

Some Kitchen Chocolate Bars - 100mg


Dark or Milk Chocolate

Some Kitchen Chocolate Bars - 300mg


Dark, Milk, Caramel Cookie or Peanut Butter

Littlefield Connections Assorted Chocolate Bars - 300mg


Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Milk Raspberry, Milk Crisp, Toffee Crunch, Caramelized Peanut or Salted Blueberry

Higher Bar - Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt - Highbrow -1000mg


Highest Bar - Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt - Highbrow -1500mg


High Peak Assorted 10 pk Truffles- 300mg


Almond, Birthday Cake, Cocoa Cookie, Mocha and Mint Cookie

Some Kitchen Peanut Butter Cups - 100mg


Hash Rosin Peanut Butter Cups - 100mg


Rugged Roots Whoopie Pie - 25mg


Classic or Peanut Butter

Some Kitchen Brownie Bites - 250mg


M.A.C. Cookies 4pk - 100mg


Highbrow Juice Drinks - 100mg


Apple Cid'r, Pink Lemonade, Pineapple Mango, Cranberry Pomegrante & Mixed Berry
We also have Fruit Punch Hash Rosin, Watermelon Punch Hash Rosin or Blueberry Lemonade Hash Rosin 100mg drinks for $20

Highbrow Juice Drinks - 200mg


Pink Lemonade or Mixed Berry

THC Coffee - 1/2 lb - 250mg


Espresso, Fire On The Mountain, Breakwater & Boatyard

Lemonade Stick Packs - The Maine Lab - 200mg


Mints - The Maine Lab - 100mg


The Maine Lab HiiStix (Flavorless Beverage Enhancer Sticks) - 100mg


Some Kitchen Sweet N High Sugar - 200mg


The Great Atlantic Puffin Company takes pride in selling safe and delicious marijuana edibles. When making our products, we infuse them rather than spraying them. This allows for more effective results and correctly reflects the number of milligrams in each edible. Our edibles are portable and tasty.

Call 207-935-5444 to speak with us about our marijuana gummies and other edible products.

We offer a wide variety of edibles

Just like with desserts, everyone has a personal preference. This is why we provide a variety of options when it comes to marijuana edibles.

You can choose from a range of edible options, including:


  • Gummies
  • Suckers
  • Truffles
  • Cookies
  • Caramels
  • Chocolate bars








Interested in purchasing one of our products? We'll be glad to talk with you about the specifics of our edibles and how they can improve your well-being in Fryeburg, Bridgton, ME or North Conway, NH.

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